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Palm Pruning

Palms are among the easiest plants to prune but it is often done incorrectly.

Palms seldom require removal of live fronds unless they are interfering with structures, power lines, or other objects on a property. Palms are frequently pruned excessively in order to "storm proof" the tree, but they are seldom damaged in high winds. Palms are usually one of the few coastal species left standing following severe hurricanes or similar weather events.

Pruning palms should consist of removal of dead fronds, flower stalks, and fruit if they are large and could cause damage or personal injury when they fall. Pruning should leave the stalk attached to the stem and older stalks should only be removed by hand. Cutting or shaping the "bulb" or "pineapple" can introduce disease organisms. Pruning palms should only be done from ladder or hydraulic lift devices. 

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  • Should not maintain palm tress DIY unless you’re trained properly
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Palm Tree Maintenance

When it comes to palm tree maintenance, it’s important to have a trained professional to do the work for you. Our team knows the proper way to trim your palm tree without causing damage. We are your well-trusted certified arborists in Tampa, Florida and the surrounding areas. Call our experienced professionals today to get started.

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